Is anchor text no more important for SEO?

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anchor text in SEOWhile I’m blog walking for any source of SEO then I found on one of seo master’s blog which posted about the new SEO algorithm that used by Google. On their blog post, he  wrote that there are rumored google altered their algorithm, its from the credible of Search Engine Roundtable confirmed it. Also, Blog Storm UK make a post about the latest changes is Anchor Text Links is lest important. So are these will impact in any SEO practice? Sure, it is. Just let see the result of the SEO contest “Busby SEO Challenge“.

The “3rd winner of Busby SEO Challenge” guy has explain this clearly that this new algorithm has impact significantly in his SEO method. He told that this will effect on number of result list where you get backlinks by typing “link:” at Yahoo. The lists mentioned are only a great of quality backlinks. Not all backlinks will shown on there. Quality of backlinks is not measure from the high PageRank, but also number of outboundlink/external-link and in-link of the web pages you get backlinks.

Then, how about the anchor text fortmat? If your target keyword is “online marketing strategy”, your anchor text will 100% Online Marketing Strategy? The answer is wrong if you make same anchor text on your backlinks. Make anchor text as natural as google like it. The composition depends on your creativity.

Just see the facts that Pogung177 did on “Busby SEO Challenge” contest, compositions his target keyword is:

- 50-70%:  Busby Seo Challenge;
- 20-40%:  Combination words of busby seo and seo challenge, sample: Busby SEO Contestant or Busby SEO Challenge Contestant, and
- 10%:  The backlink anchor is his own url

However, do not pointing all anchor text only to the homepage, the another natural backlinks linking is make a backlink for your inner page, such as backlink to your single post or to your category post or to your about page. With this method, Pogung177 has good result on Google SERP. His blog getting established on rank 1-3 on 1st page of Google search result until the end of the contest. Great method and great effort.

That’s what I have learn with the contest even I’m not join on this contest. Want to learn more about SEO method? Here are some video presentation you may learn:

Seo Principles

The Truth About Seo

Need more slides, find out on SlideShare

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