Basic strategies to improve Adsense earning

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improve adsense earningMany people don’t think that by making a ‘small’ changes can increase the CTR (Click Thru Rate) on our AdSense. What is the CTR? CTR is the number of ad clicks divided by the number of AdSense ads appearance. Simply, when we rise the Adsense CTR, while many people click our Adsense, then our revenue also increased!

So, don’t stick ‘code adsense’ on the site mistakenly! Now, I assume you already know how to put AdSense on your site, how to change the color display AdSense, and has a way to make the website.

What strategies to increase the CTR of each AdSense site? To increase AdSense revenue, some way can be applied, among others:

1. Build Site based on the SEO!
2. Strategic Position in Placement Adsense
3. The Popular format of Adsense
4. The Right Color For AdSense
5. Use Expensive Keywords
6. Build Site For AdSense as much as possible!

Build the “right” Site based on SEO!

If we build the site based on SEO, our site can appear in many ‘Search Engines’ such as,, and other search engines.

When people (Web Surfers) search for information through the Search Engine by using specific keywords, such as a person typing “Free Nintendo Wii” through the site, then the site will appear at the top of the search results!

So, what should you do to get free traffic from the prospect Search Engine? OK, here is what you need to note:

1. The domain name. The domain name is actually better to load important keywords related to your topic. For example, my site have a topic “Nintendo Wii”. So I buy a domain that contains keywords main site “free nintendo wii”.

2. Title Tag. Title Tag should contain at least 3 important keywords associated with the site content. You can separate the keywords stored in the tittle with a tag ‘|’ to create a title page of a site is to become more ‘reasonable’, both for visitors or for ‘robots’.

For example, some important keywords in is: Nintendo Wii games, Nintendo video games, Nintendo consoles

So my title tag, which are:
Nintendo Wii games | Nintendo video games | Nintendo consoles.

3. Meta Description. Is the ‘description’ or an explanation of the site. This meta description will appear in the Search Engine and become “explanation” of website, the search for information on a specific keyword to use them.

Tips: Make Description of the ‘main keywords’ page of each site! Each page has the keywords that would vary, depending on the ‘content’ or the contents page of a site.

Example, description for is: “Excellent resources on the Nintendo Wii games, Nintendo video games, Nintendo consoles, and Nintendo Wii sports

Note: Each new site will always takes time to appear in the Search Engines. Average around 4 – 8 months!

Many people complain! Is there a way that can more quickly? What is the best solution to handle things like this? The only solution to this is: BE PATIENCE!

Remember, in this case we expect “free traffic” from the Search Engine, and for this one we must be patient.

Okay, for now, we are still discussing how SEO, slowly but surely … let’s continue! After you create a site with the title tag and meta description the right ones, then continue on the next step in next posting…

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