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BUSBY Web SolutionsBusby is Internet Marketing, SEO and Web Development Company. It is an innovative and dynamic international business to business web solutions group that combines knowledgeable and professional with leading edge technical brilliance localised sales support to provide tangible world class web solutions at unbeatable prices.

Now, Busby held a Busby SEO Challenge Contest that looking to prove everybody who are the best SEO specialist in the world. They naming the contest as The Busby Search Engine Optimisation World Cup 2008. So, if you are SEO specialists, masters, guru’s, hot shots, authorities and aces (and anyone else who want to proof their skills of SEO), come let’s to take part on this contest.

To use their best endeavours, entrants will be given 3 months to optimise a key phrase so that it appears as high as possible on http://www.Google.com, when that particular key phrase is searched for. What is the key phrases?

Busby SEO Challenge keyphrase

On 31st August 2008, the winner will be the person whose whose site is ranked the highest for keyphrases searched for, exactly at 12:00 midday, Perth, time of Western Australia. The rewards will be given are:
First prize: $5,000
Second prize: $2,000
Third prize: $500

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  1. Is anchor text no more important for SEO? Says:

    [...] Is anchor text no more important for SEO? Written by admin on September 17, 2008 – 8:33 pm – While I’m blog walking for any source of SEO then I found on one of seo master’s blog which posted about the new SEO algorithm that used by Google. On their blog post, he  wrote that there are rumored google altered their algorithm, its from the credible of Search Engine Roundtable confirmed it. Also, Blog Storm UK make a post about the latest changes is Anchor Text Links is lest important. So are this will impact in any SEO practice? Sure, it is. Just let see te result of the SEO contest “Busby SEO Challenge“. [...]

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