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Text link adsHave you follow this program? TextLinkAds is an affiliated programs where you as the publisher must provide a space on your blog to advertiser to put their link on it. In TextLinkAds, the ads is only as a text and can’t be as image as if their name.

What the specialty in TextLinkAds is that you just no need to find advertiser for your blog. TexLinkAds team was taken this job. They have find the advertiser and also determine the price amount. You as the publisher just setteld down and when they had the advertiser, the advertiser link have appear on your blog directly and automatically, as long as the script or text code has set and work properly on your blog.

It’s easy register process in TextLinkAds. To submit your blogs on their site is easy just like in google adsense program. If you had done to submite your blog, then you just take the text code or script and put them on your blogs. If you use wordpress engine, you can download script as a plugin that you must put on your blog. If you use blogger.com (only for new blogger layout) you can also put the code on your widgets. In blogger.com, TextLinkAds use feed to show the link sponsor.

During TextLinkAds not yet get advertiser or sponsor to your blog, the space that you had provide doesn’t appearing anything. So, this definitely won’t be disturb or take space in your pages. Every a new advertiser had come to buy link on your space, you will be notified via email by TextLinkAds.

The main ideas of why TextLinkAds provide this program to advertiser is that this way can increase of baclinks and pagerank to their site in order to gain huge traffic. Because of thelink that appeared in our blog does not come from the text code or script such like in used on google adsense or adbrite. Advertiser on adsense or adbrite just aim to get promoted their site or products, while advertiser in TextLinkAds got another benefits such as backlinks and of course, pagerank.

The only drawback of TextLinkAds is that the submitted blogs must have Pagerank-4 or above. Lower pagerank will be rejected. And just becareful with the puting of your link-ads, because Google does not like buy or sell Link-ads programs, which can be potentially banned or terminated from Google search engine. Do not mention ‘Sell Links’ or ‘Buy Links’ or even ‘sponsor Links’.

Are this TexLinkAds recommended?

So, If you have extra space on your site (and nothing to lose), go for it. There are 2 point that you may know:
- TLA prove that paid their publisher. The payment method can be choose via check or PayPal.
- They have affiliated that per-referral worth up to $25. No minimum limited payout to get this bonus, better than payment from sell links that must gain first $75.

If you have not yet join with this program, just sign-up below:

Text link ads

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