Earn money by reviewing products, the easiest way

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snapbombYou know, as a blogger you can earn more money from your blog by reviewing products or reviewing other websites from advertiser. This program most popular for bloggers and known as paid to blog or paid to review. Basically, the concept of the paid to review is you, as a blogger will connect to advertiser by “third party” as a medium. Then you as a blogger writing your opinion or review or criticism about things that advertiser campaign on your blog post. While the advertiser has accepted your review, then you will be paid from the advertiser via “third party”. So, it is the easiest and simple way to get some extra money, rights?

How does it work? First, of course you must join on the “third party”. In this case, the “third party” becomes a bridge between you (a blogger) and advertisers. What the good “third party” that reliable to you to join? There are lots of paid to review online services but I can recommend to you with a reliable and capable ones, that is Snapbomb. Just simply create an account and then register your blog at Snapbomb. After you had accepted as a member, you can just find the opportunities to review or writing about services, products, press release etc, that advertiser campaigns. Then you just post those on your blog. While advertiser has accepted and agreed with your blog post, then you get paid for your ‘little’ hard work. Now, maybe it’s time to you to make your blog as a blog advertising.

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