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high paying adsense keywordsWe know that every Adsense appears on our site will be depending on our content site. The Adsense code will ‘read’ content sites and then find Adsense ads that match with the content of the site.

So, why don’t we create content that contains expensive keywords?

You know, there are many people who dare to serve ads on Adwords where bidding very high price for certain keywords for each click. Imagine if there Adsense that appears in our site with very high price per click, certainly this is a big advantage when we have visitors who click the ad.

Well, in order to the ‘High Paying Ads‘ show on our site, we can create an article in which we load some High Paying Keywords. I often create our own articles with keywords put in expensive! And I don’t rare get a per-click commission on the $2!

Indeed, to get the data of “expensive keywords” is not easy! Many people who deliberately sell the collection of keywords with the expensive price for ‘hundreds of dollars’. If you don’t believe, you can visit: They sell their High Paying collection of keywords for almost U.S. $200!

How could they expensive? Because to get the data such High Paying Adsense Keywords is not easy. And these data of High Paying Google Adsense Keywords are truly valuable! But there is the ‘tricks’ how you can get “expensive keywords” without having to purchase up to hundreds of dollars!

The tricks:

- Go to
- Type a choice of keyword may be your topic site, then click ‘continue’ and take a note ‘minimum’ price-per-click suggested by Google to the advertiser. Greater price per click are better! Means that these are High Paying Google Keywords!
- By knowing the price-per-click of each keywords suggested by Google to advertisers, we can estimate how much Google will give us a commission for every click will we get with the same topic on our site!

Note: To use this Traffic Estimator, if I’m not wrong, you must have Adwords account first!

It’s easy to create an Adwords account, just type to go live, click “Start Now” and act just like you want to place ads there. You can make ad campaign such triffling. You don’t need to activate this account first.

Making Adwords account is not more than just to use the Traffic Estimator TOOLS. When you’re in Adwords member area, just find the link Tools, and select the “Traffic Estimator”.

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