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Landing Page

What is Landing Page means? Landing page is a spot/place/page that to be objective in your website viewers.

The more detailed explanation of the analogy is the “bus station”. If you notice, every day a thousand people came to the bus station, and please note in more detail, usually people come or get to the bus station by bus from place A, then the passengers off and disperse and continued their route again. There are passengers whose by motorcycle while go to their house, some by busway, several by on foot, and the others have walking around the bust station for shopping for food or other goods.. and the chances that they returned to the place A, once they arrived at bus station, is very small…

That’s the clearly explanation about the landing page. A page that you select for the optimization, which serves to attract visitors, and dazzle them so they continue their journey to somewhere else (to another page) on your website. Don’t make your visitors clicking the “back button” or even to “close window”…

Well, in the first tutorial (SEO on Page 1), we have a list of keywords isn’t it? (which saved in excel file), and we’ve chosen keywords with KEI 4-7 as the highest major keywords and alternative keywords 30-35. Now, let’s break down those keywords list. In this case, just took 5 keywords to be the Main Keyword, and 30 keyword as alternative keywords.

The 5 Main Keywords, which means there are 5 landing page that we wish to optimize. Now create
30 keywords alternative, and then divide to the respective 5 Main Keyword. So, 1 landing page consists of: 1 primary keyword, and 5 or 6 as an alternative keywords. Look at the image below for more clearly:

Landing Page Optimization

Now select the page you are going to optimize for better SEO score. As example, let’s put one keyword to optimize.. then let’s go to, type in search box: “keyword site:“.

The result is the best in the 1-10 page of your website for the keyword you choose. Next, take your page which appear on no.1 search results (let’s call it page A). Now we know that those keyword is better if we optimize to page A, why? because for page which existed in your web is the best page for the keywords that you choose before..

See sample pic below, this sample is using “SEO” as a main keyword to optimize, and search results for that keywords in Google for the site is as the picture below. So now, we will take the page number one to optimize for the keyword “SEO”.

The above example is for the “existing page”, but how to page that does not exist before? Yes it’s easy to do, just create a new static page! This will explain on the next post: SEO on Page (4)

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