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Make your page Search Engine Friendly

Ok next on SEO on Page learning, how to make your page to be more Search Engine Friendly? Here are some ways:

1. Rewrite your dynamic URLs to SE friendly.

You may ever see the following URL Now just take a look at this url, we can not directly know anything or imagine on the page clearly. This is an url which is called as dynamic url (item=12,554), or an url that contains “?”, “&” and “=” in it also includes dynamic url.

Well, you’ve probably seen URL, or That is called static URL. Spider prefer static rather than dynamic URL, so that better if you try using a static website url.

For e-store users, usually there is an additional module to create dynamic url rewrite. For wordpress user, you can edit the permalink in the permalink setting. For user it has been built in by default setting. If you’re CMS users or e-store module but not yet found the permalink formula, just don’t worry, you still can get it by using a tricky such .htaccess file, but you still need additional knowledge or you can ask the webmaster to create. htaccess file for you.

2. Make use robot.txt

This robot.txt is a guide for the area where the spider wrote accessible or indexed. For some websites (usually an e-store), there are some sensitive page that no need for visitors to know, such like /cgi-bin/, cart.php, register.php, etc…

You can also direct the spider to a page that have rich keywords, so basicly the point is make guide for the spider which areas can be accessed or indexed.

3. Repair broken link in your website.

This can be done with the help of google webmaster to see the problem of the links. Broken link was bad due to your SERPs just because spiders do not like the broken link. Broken link can caused spider slowly to come to your website, and as its result, any optimization or any new content you create on the index page can not seen by the SE, and it affects in the end of your SERPs.

4. No flash, no Java scripts, no frames.

Yeah, all of the three above can still make our website good to see, but its make spider hard to index it, and usually over time the spider was actually unwilling to come to our website.. spiders can not see the contents of the file above… Since we make seo purpose is to attract visitors (with a good design) and also attract spiders (with a design that could read) to our website.

Try to reduce the use of flash, java and frame as low as possible, and for deceiving the spider we can make it as text link. For example, text button to e-cart website using java, we can make text link below it for spiders to read.. so the button made for viewers, and its text link for spiders. And actually nowadays CSS has been much used for website design which also has “pretty lay out” with flash or frames .. and still spider friendly.

5. The use of image

Spiders can not read the image. However, the key of good SEO is to be able to attract visitors and also attract spiders.. That’s why the use of text links can also good for use in this section… In addition you can also get traffic by using the image, so don’t forget to write “alt image” in order to be a keyword for google image search.

6. Remove welcome page

This is usually considered not necessary by the most visitors. Personally, I close the page immediately if I found the page that loading not directly to main page. It’s annoying.

7. Make your html code pages neat and valid by the W3C validator (

Spiders do not understand about the “native” html, but dislike to the bad code. Even there is a fact that 99% validity of your website doesn’t guarantee your rankings will increase, but the html errors (bad code) will cause the spiders are reluctant to come to your website, and it certainly affects your ranking.

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