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Optimize your Page Title, Meta Tags and Page Content

Providing a good title is one critical point that you should not miss it… Why? because good SEO on Page is able to appeal to both viewers the spider…

Because our page title will appear in the Google’s SERPs, then this is one of the earliest point of our goal to attract viewers, the search engine user. After typing a keyword that wanted in the search box, they would read your title. If your page title is not interesting, not informative or even not exist, it less to get your website address click.

As well as for the SE, the main purpose of search engine uses an algorithm in displaying SERPs, is to help users search engine get a result as close as possible with or relevant to one’s possible they just type in the SE search box. That’s because one of the value is the title page of your website.

A good title is short, dense and informative, and unique. This means that there is same title for a page, each page should have its own title. The most important thing is “informative” itself, just don’t to purpose to make unique or different in every page, then you kill the informative value of its …

Another thing is: try to put one or two keywords into the title and must reply in the beginning of the sentence, then just follow the compelling info on what this page about. You can use a comma (,), hyphen (-) or pipe sign (|). Also don’t used the strange codes such as ,,|,, or (*)(*) errr… :D

For example:

[title]Wedding ideas, wedding dresses, accessories, flowers — free delivery in Sydney[/title]
[title]Wedding Planning — Wedding Dresses — Wedding Gifts — Wedding Website[/title]
in order: “keyword, keyword-information, information”

Meta Tag Description

This tag is in use to provide a brief description of your website, or about one page on your webstie. The results of Google SERPs usually display this meta desc on page SERPs (though not always).

There are 2 basic things we need to remember when creating meta desc, meta desc which is in use by our target to the both search engines and viewers. Similar with the Page Title explanation, search engines evaluate your title to the relevance of SERPs, so make sure you describe your web / page briefly.

While to the viewers, here need our marketing skills for a short, solid, informative, and appealing to the mix.. (not tempting in the negative sense, more likely but irresistible invitation to your web page).

For example:

[meta name="description" content="Get fantastic wedding ideas, best wedding gifts, nice cards, all kinds of wedding flowers and any wedding accessories for weddings all over Indonesia."]

Meta Tag Keywords

This is a special tag that it should be a brief list of topics you discuss in a page. Here we usually list includes keywords from our website. Although SE have not really give a high value for this tag, by making it, you can petrify a robot / spider his example when listing to the directory (link building section), as in the said above, this may not really matter anymore.. But there still has value and it’s not harm you to make it.

For example:

[meta name="keywords" content="wedding, weddings, wedding gifts, wedding ideas, wedding cards, wedding flowers, wedding indonesia"]

Page Content

Writing a Fantastic, gripping, irresistible invitation content on your landing page. Well, as the repeteadly saying, design your webpage to 2 targets, namely human (visitors) and also a robot / spider search engine. Which one we process for first? It would create for a spider first, because high-traffic can happen when you are on page 1 SERPs for your keywords so make SE fall in love to your website, meet you on the top…

A landing page should be a combination of search engine friendly, and call for action viewers. The thumb rule is “Fantastic and Natural” at the same time, it means your webpage should be of interest to human and robot, and also be natural (so was often called in reply that SEO takes time to crawling in your website.. if you make with immadiacy and rashness, it will invite a question mark from the SE, which could result in taxable deindex, or worst on the banned).

Nah, after the fantastic and the natural task.. the last duty is to convert traffic to sales. This is the core of all this job, because there is useless traffic if it’s high but nothing sales…

Stay tune for next SEO on Page post… :D

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