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loading blogFor you who has a blog, maybe you perform a variety of ways to make your blog more interesting and visited by many readers. From the beginning of the installation catchy images around, to use the script that was able to load your Blog postings and more weight. The poor performance as it is not adding to the number of visitors who will read your blog, but one by one may leave the blog that has been struggling with you always. Then, what should be done? Try to do the following:

1. Reduce the use of the image. The use of the image will greatly affect the access speed of a blog, this is because the capacity for one file can only reach a few kilobytes (Kb) and can be calculated how long the time needed to download images only 1 file.

2. Group and separate parts of the contents into perhalaman. This is very important because this is the second tips meaning to the main page or a page called with the index does not directly display the entire contents of the blog.

3. Make less the moving banners. Maybe this is our custom to exchange banners, but how well we separate the specific size and we zoom again.

4. The last one and probably need to be taken is part of the trinkets or items such as supporting LinkList, Profile, ShoutBox, etc, should be hidden in the menu list. This means that the items into the submenus from the menu above.

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