Top 5 sports highlights of all time


Are you a sport mania? What is your best of sports highlights all time ever? Let’s see these videos taken from SportsVids which could become my best of sports highlights all time ever:

1. I like David Beckham. I think he is one of the best players ever born in England. Just see his action while he playing as Manchester United player or in national team.

David Beckham Highlights

2. The best moment in soccer while I see a “magic skills” from worlds best soccer players. Just enjoy their talent, it is really fun entertainment.

Worlds Best Soccer Players

3. Wow! It’s crazy incredible rally all times I guess. Just see how both of those guys show their amazing skills in ping-pong.

Table Tennis Rally

4. See also this crazy rally in Badminton. I guess that both sides shown their spirit to don’t want lose their game, even just for 1 point! What a great spirit!

Crazy Badminton

5. I love basketball because of the dunks attraction. See these top 10 Basketball dunks ever.

Top 10 Basketball Dunks

Do you want more see great sports videos all time? You can visit Sports Vids and see many incredible moments of sports. You can also upload your own 5 favorite sports highlight videos to their site and following their contest. The prizes for this contest will be awarded to the winner as the new Xbox 360 for 1st winner, Ipod Nano for 2nd winner and $100 gift certificate for 3rd winner. For more information about this contest just visit



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