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cisco certificationWho doesn’t know internet today? Nowadays, internet is the most important thing in part of business. You know, every industry or company worldwide needs the internet to accomplish business goals. Therefore, it is creating a high demand for qualified IT professionals in order to support, design and maintain these networks. Today, every company whether it is giant companies or small companies, all need Information Technology (IT) to networking and promoting their products and services in order to following the wide of market. They are in high demands of IT professionals for the companies. Therefore, it is a good chance for you all to fill this field. It could land you in a wide variety of industries by being certified in IT and can bring you to your dream company.

What will you do in being advance your IT skills? To enhance your career in IT, you can try to get the Cisco IT certification. This is may be your first step that will guarantee towards your success. You know, Cisco is the most admitted IT certification in the world. Cisco provides certification of IT that will bring measurable values and rewards for network professionals and for the companies on where they employed. In the Cisco system, they provide three levels program certifications:

1. Associate, here you will receive the certificate CCNA in network or CCDA in design
2. Professional, here you will receive the certificate CCNP in network, CCDP in design, CCSP in security or CCVP in voice.
3. Expert, here you will receive the certificate CCIE in internetwork or CCDE in design.

In addition, there are various tracks that you can choose in general IT such as Routing and Switching, Design, Network Security, Storage Networking, Service Provider and Voice. Next, to enhance your ability, you can continue the study with achieving specialist certification in technologies such as IP telephony, wireless and security system.

What are the benefits of being Cisco certification of IT? This will bring you to be recognized as IT professional worldwide, therefore it gives you chance to works in all companies in all countries. You will able to bounce your new career in the field of engineering. Just for information, to equip more people in its ongoing efforts, Cisco has announced a major milestone for successful careers in networking. Until now, there are more than 1 million certifications (including nearly 20,000 Cisco® CCIE® expert-level credentials) has issued by Cisco to networking professionals. No wonder, you will find lots of testimonials from graduated students that tell about Cisco have change their life after they being certified. Just check it out in Cisco official website.

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  1. Erin Says:

    Interesting information, another good place to go for information would be the Cisco website. I recently got my CCNA from there and i’d recommend it for anyone who’s looking for information on CCA certs or anything else in IT.

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